…in which I ride alone, so I can ride.

I keep a close eye on the weather. I work outside. I play outside. And people rely on me to make judgement calls about trails around here at times. So earlier in the week, as I was looking at the weather, I decided this weekend would be a terrible time for mountain biking, because we all know you shouldn’t ride wet trails. Thursday, on the other hand, was beautiful. I put the my single speed in the truck, and took off for Rotary Park after lunch. There, I rode what is pretty much my standard loop encompassing pretty much every trail in the park, netting me a distance of right at 7 miles, with about 800 feet of climbing. It was quite a good ride, I had a lot of fun on it, and had the sense that I’m starting to regain some of the fitness that I dropped off during the winter.

After the ride, on a whim, I dropped by my LBS and chatted at them for a few minutes. They were curious about how the wheels they’d built me were holding up, so I let the wheel builder take a look at them. He was suitably impressed with their condition. He (Richard, to put a name to him) had asked me about them previously, and I told him they were still true, and seemed to be holding up well. He was under the impression they hadn’t been used very hard yet, but I quickly disabused him of that notion by pointing out that my chain was way too tight. I mis-timed a j-hop over a couple logs in a low place and hit the back wheel hard enough to re-tension the chain. After explaining that, Richard checked the tightness of the bolts on the back wheel, and finding that they weren’t at all loose, he briefly double checked the rear wheel to see if it was in fact, still true. Yes, it was. All this by way of saying, my Pacentti TL28’s are holding up nicely on my single speed. I suppose that means that sometime soon I’ll have to update my Bikes page with some more of my bikes, huh?


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