It’s snow problem.

It’s terrible, I know. But believe it or not, it snowed in MidTN on and off for almost 36 hours. Of course, being MidTN, it wasn’t really cold enough for the snow to stick to anything, so rather than  having a great ride in the snow because the trails under the snow were frozen, it meant that I had to ride the local rail trail to get a ride in. It was a pretty ride, it was actively snowing, and although the main part of the trail was clear, the snow was sticking to vegetation and to the bridges on the trail. I rode 8.25 miles, but that was nearly cut short by a mechanical issue about 2 miles in. The retaining ring on the cog on my single speed came loose and hung up between the hub and the frame. It might not have been such a big deal, if I’d had any proper tools with me, but what could possibly go wrong on a rail trail? Never mind, don’t answer that.

I was able to fix the problem without too much trouble because I did have my Leatherman tool with me, which has proved handy on more than one occasion. From that point on, there was nothing really interesting about the ride, it was just a ride. Not too fast a ride, because a single speed is only going to go so fast on a flat rail trail, but at least it was a ride.

I would like to have had pictures from this ride but I haven’t got a waterproof camera to carry with me yet. I have found a stunningly elegant way to carry my DSLR on the bike with me, which I promise I’ll give some information about soon. It could even lead to my purchasing a new DSLR at some point, but hopefully not because I’ve crashed and destroyed the current one.


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