Single-Track Minded

After so much wet weather, and not being able to get a whole lot done an any front, yesterday was a welcome change to that pattern. In spite of a little rain Thursday night, we were able to get in the woods yesterday, and accomplish something. Yesterday morning I left the house early, in the dark and drove into Nashville. There, I help the guys and gals of IMBA/Sorba MidTN ( do some work on phase two of the trails going in at Cane Ridge Park.

Cane Ridge Park Trail Map

It’s nice to see some trails going in over there that are beginner friendly. Many of the trails in this area are not beginner friendly just because of the terrain here, but things there are much more mild than where a lot of our trails are. We made a lot of progress, but that was due in no small part to the turnout. There were twenty people there helping out. It’s staggering how much progress that many people can make.

Because of the warmer temperatures, and the wind blowing, and the sun coming out yesterday, things dried out pretty well, and in the afternoon, I met up with a friend and we hit the trails at Rotary Park in Clarksville. There’s only about 7 miles of trail there, but there’s very little flat ground, so most of the time you’re either climbing or descending. It’s a pretty fun ride, and it’s been getting better, because that’s where I’ve had my crews focusing their work days, is improving trail there. We got in a good 2 hour ride before we wrapped things up. Along the way we both learned that winter is killing us, and we need to get back into shape. Hopefully the weather will co-operate further, and permit more progress on that front in the near future than it has in the recent past.


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